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Granny Flats In A N.S.W. STATE GOVERNMENT INITIATIVE Granny Flats New South Wales....

Granny Flats In Sydney Brick, Weather Board or Panels.

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Granny Flats Panel $85,000 Granny Flats Clad $95,000 Granny Flats Brick $105,000 Granny Flat Money Loan Finance Click Here

Granny Flats In Sydney And N.S.W. Are Now Being Approved By The N.S.W. State Goverment In Ten Days.

Granny Flats In is a website information package informing people of what they are allowed to do regarding installations of Granny Flats in NSW. Granny Flats In explains the NSW STATE GOVERNMENT'S BASIC POLICIES below.

Granny Flats In Sydney has designed and engineered granny flats to obey the strict "Comply and Development" "Carbon Footprint" policies set by NSW State Government and Local Councils.

Granny Flats In Sydney caters for Offices, Farm shelters, Granny flats, Extensions and additions. Granny Flats In Sydney not permitted outside NSW, empty land or direct steet frontage.

STEP BY STEP GUIDE. Property Size Minimum 450m2, Frontage 12m.

Take some measurements yourself by following the diagram below.

Granny Flats In Sydney

Step By Step Guide.

3m from the back fence
1m from the side fences and 1.8m from the house.
The remaining area, you may build within.

The NSW State Government will grant our Granny Flats In Sydney a 10 day approval for any granny flat up to 60m2. Granny Flats over 60m2 requires full DA, which we also construct.

Custom designs are welcome or see our DESIGNS by clicking here.

Granny Flats In Sydney Brick, Weather board or Panel.
Granny Flats Designs Click Here.

Granny Flats In Sydney Cater For Custom Designs Also.

Granny Flats In Sydney Finished product.

Granny Flats Sydney

1. Increase the Value of your Property

Granny flats for your property have great benefits, E.g. extra living space for the children, guests, elderly, visitorsbut also increase the value of your property.

2. Give You an Extra Income

Paying off a mortgage? Why cut the grass when you can cut your mortgage by replacing the grass with a granny flat and earn extra rental income? NSW needs extra housing.

3. Give You Extra Living Space

We are allowed to build as close as 900mm to your existing home. This may be considered as a very cheap home extension providing a fantastic family retreat.

We build one off onsite offices, One bedders, 2 bedders and 3 bedders in your
choice of brick, weatherboard or galvonised steel panels.

4. See If You Qualify.

Any property in NSW that is a minimum of 450 square metres with a minimum frontage of 12 metre is eligible for approval. We handle all approvals and processes for you.

Our products meet the strict modern aesthetics and functionality that is pre-approved by NSW state Government.

Granny Flats In Sydney Caters for Investors.


The following items will be priced into your quote.

External Finishes.

Roofing, External Brick, Weatherboard or Panels & Internal Walls, Gyproc or panels.

All Roof Plumbing.

Concrete slab or posts depending on site condition and gradient.

Flooring System.

Spantec steel flooring or wooden system on foundation piers or concrete slab.

Windows & Sliding Doors.

Aluminium doors, windows and fly screens, pre hung doors and jams with hinges.

Internal Finishes.

Living Areas, Floor, Select timber grain vinyl flooring or tiles, Ceiling, Washable paint finish, Floor, Selected timber grain vinyl flooring or tiles, selected mirrored robes, Selected Tiled or modular Bathroom, Shower recess, Ceramic dual flush toilet and sink Vanity unit, 3-in-1 exhaust fan, heater & lights, Towel rail.


Select timber grain vinyl flooring or tiles, Cupboards, Flat packed white neutral kitchen and bench top including space for a fridge, Sink, 1x stainless steel sink, Oven, 1 x stainless steel finish under bench – electric, Cooktop, 1 x 4 burner stainless steel electric, Hot water system, 1 x Electric Electrical and Communications.

Bedroom (only included in models with bedroom/s)

1 x double power point (per bedroom)

Living 2 x double power point

Kitchen 2 x double power point, Power to stove, Power to cooktop, Power to fridge

Bathroom 3-in-1 exhaust fan, heater & light, 1 x double power point.

Granny Flats In Sydney Caters for Landlords.

Installation/ Labour

Footings, Building/Labour, Transport, Freight, Insurance for transit, Complying Development Requirements, Architectual Drawings, Basix Certificate, Engineering, Private Certifier, Hydraulic and structural engineer drawings, Surveyor, Sydney Water Check, Project Management, Soil test and engineering to concrete footings, connections to electricity, sewerage and water within 5 metres.


The following vary in price and will be quoted by a builder upon site inspection.

Water, Sewerage and Electricity Connections over 5 metres, Stormwater Connection, Power Connection, Gas Connection, Section 94 + Council Fees – (cost varies in each council)


The following items can be added by request for an additional cost:

Solar hot water system, Alternative floor coverings, Extended decking around edges to hide footings, Laundry, Airconditioning, T.V. Antenna, Built in wardrobe for bedrooms, Solar panels, Glass railing, Electrical sub-board to main meter location, Rain water tanks, Alarm system.


Extra site clearing i.e: excessive debris, tree removal and removal of existing structures, Restricted access (additional costs if crane or additional machinery is, needed to access the site), Sloping site (additional costs for adjustments to footings), Geotechnical reports (if required).

60m2 Granny Flat: 2 Bedrooms, Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry Delivered, Installed, Plans, Council Approval, Connection to Water, Sewer and Electricity in WEATHERBOARD and STEEL PANELS or Choose Brick.Delivery and Installation on Concrete Slab or Spiral Peering, Comes with 7 Years Builders Warranty if we do it, and is generally completed within 3 months. Simply watch it evolve before your very eyes and receive the keys, ready to live in or rent it out. This is an oppertuinity that is extremely rare for everyone as State Government is approving Granny Flats under 60m2.

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